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What if you could have everything in a full service event planner's toolbox without the hefty price?

If you’re planning your dream wedding, then you’ve probably already found yourself feeling like it’s so much more than a simple checklist of to dos
There are hundreds of details to account for and very little guidance on how to actually get them done & done efficiently.

 Unless you pay thousands of dollars for a wedding planner. 

But this isn't your only option!
With the right tools and a killer roadmap, you can successfully avoid overwhelm and stress when planning your wedding.

Let me show you how... 

"If you are on the fence about a wedding planner - my advice would be this is probably the area where your money is best spent! From our first conversation with Danielle we could feel her genuineness and love of wedding planning through the phone. We were so lucky she had our weekend available. Literally all the stars aligned. Danielle of Your Sweetest Day Events knows what is important and anticipates all of your needs. She is the best and I would recommend her over and over again!!"

colleen & robert

Pinterest Makes It Look So Easy 

You know that a more streamlined approach can: 

Even with a stocked nightstand featuring Brides/TheKnot & MarthaStewart or hours spent pinteresting your heart out, these resources are still missing something.

Like how to complete a task, why to complete the task at that point, and how to do both without feeling overwhelmed by a new-to-you process. And even more, something that brings this all together in a one stop simplified location to support your entire experience - from start to finish.

Help you Save Hours Of Trying To Find An Answer 

Because your time and money are valuable. And the last thing you need is conflicting information 

Empower You With Years of Industry Based Tips & Strategy

Rather than guessing or hoping you’ve made the right decision, an approach infused with expertise ensures that the decisions you make are valuable (in money, time, and longevity). 

Provide You With The Confidence to Make Informed Value Aligned Decisions (Without Regret)

Because once you have the guidance on how to move through the planning process, you can be sure that the decisions you arrive at are the right ones. 

And by that point you've already invested thousands of dollars and hours of your time.

You Realize It's Harder Than It Seems

it's not until you are in the thick of it that

Here is why this approach to wedding planning is inefficient, ineffective, and costly. 

Your checklist should be your complete roadmap. It should guide you strategically from one step to the next. It should explain the why behind its path, detail how to quickly accomplish each step, and empower you with the tools to get it done. 

It should be your most trusted resource - your guiding light - almost as if you had booked an event planner to walk with you every step of the way. 

Even though you can google “how to plan a wedding”, the how to behind executing each of those steps is not nearly as straightforward. 

Plan An Event? I’ve Got This. I’m organized. I’ve helped my best friend plan her wedding. 
Until you get into the thick of it and realize it's not as simple as Pinterest said it would be. 

You feel overwhelmed by conflicting information. Overwhelmed by something that should be simple, straightforward, and intuitive. 

And worst of all more lost than when you started!

"Hiring Danielle was one of the best decisions my husband and I made in wedding planning. Not only was she extremely organized, but so helpful and responsive with all of our (many) questions leading up to our wedding day. Danielle made sure we were completely aligned prior to the wedding, and executed everything flawlessly. We loved working with Danielle and team so much and encourage all other couples to book ASAP!!! We cannot imagine our wedding without her."

Sophia & Micheal


Planning a wedding isn’t necessarily hard but there are MANY details that need to come together in PERFECT alignment with MANY potential points of confusion along the way.

When do I need to send my invitations? Why do I need place cards? How do I know how much insurance I need? How do I ensure I don’t go over budget? Why do I need to have a confirmed guest count before booking any venues or vendors?

Most couples approach wedding planning as if it were a grocery list of items to cross off. But the thing is you can’t treat planning your wedding like mapping out your weekly TJ’s Haul. Your wedding is one of the most important and meaningful milestones of your life and it deserves to be managed like one of the most important projects of your lifetime. 

Underestimating The Nuances of Planning

you might be making these common mistakes...


Bringing together all the puzzle pieces of your event seems intuitive right? Unfortunately, without a roadmap its easy to take a few wrong turns as you navigate the journey from engaged to married (think early GPS that failed to update!) 

You see there are quite a few reasons that industry experts recommend working on event planning tasks in a specific order. Doing so ensures that you are laying a foundation and then building upon each decision as you move forward. 

Your event planning experience - and ultimately your wedding - deserve a regret-less and flawless finish! You deserve to feel empowered as you make decisions - empowered with the tools, the guidance, and the confidence.

tackling steps in the wrong order

you might be making these common mistakes...


The role of an event planning firm is one of the most misunderstood in the industry - but the value they provide has often been described as priceless. They are the one vendor that walks with you every step of the way - from start to finish - helping to guide you, empower you, troubleshoot with you, execute for you, and dream big with you. 

But what if there was a more affordable way to partner with an event planner? 

What if there was a more modern approach to planning your wedding.

What if? 

Misunderstanding The Time & Money Saving Potential Of A Guide 

you might be making these common mistakes...

Even though you could quickly find a wedding planning checklist online - it likely will only begin to scratch the surface. 

Many will settle for this approach. But you’re different. 

But what if you could avoid some of the most common planning pitfalls by adding a guide to your vendor team. 

One that allows you to save hours of your time, equips you with years of industry experience, helps you make value based decisions you’ll be proud of for years to come, and enables you to plan your dream wedding seamlessly. 

The key ingredient to all of this is a truly modern approach. 

And today I’d LOVE to show you how this is all possible.

Your Event Planning Experience Deserves the Very Best

I’ve taken my signature planning approach used with hundreds of clients and channeled it into a comprehensive, step-by-step, results driven program that empowers you with the tools, the strategy, the industry based secrets, and the assurance/confidence to make your dream wedding a reality.

It's Your Planning Experience’s Most Valuable Player 

The Modern Wedding Planner isn't just another checklist...

first program of its kind that...

the modern wedding planner is the

Empowers You With Industry-Based Guidance 

No guesswork. No unnecessary googling. Just a one stop shop featuring our signature planning process grounded in years of experience.

Teaches You How To Implement The What, The How, The When & The Why 

A program that features what tasks are needed, how to approach and efficiently complete them, when to work on them - all guided by our secret sauce (the MWP strategy). 

Is Designed To Save You Time, Mismanagement, and Haste-based Decisions 

Not only do we make it simple but we leave no details undone. This program will ensure your journey is efficient, effective, and empowered. 

here's what we'll cover:


 This phase of your experience is centered around the exploration of your preferences, the generation of guiding elements, and the initiation of building your vendor team in order to ensure you set your planning up for success. 


In the second phase you will work to develop essential tools that will serve as the cornerstone for your guest experience used to create an intentionally thoughtful event weekend. 


Now you are perfectly prepared to strategically begin crafting your event design! This design process walks you through the creation of an event that reflects who you are, the experience you desire to intentionally create for your guests, and usuals visuals, industry knowledge, and space to bring it all to life.


In this phase, after finalizing all the elements of your event design in the previous phase, you will begin to produce it using a guided step by step approach - ensuring no detail is left undone. This phase ensures that all the final pieces are accounted for. 


Now you will put the finishing touches on your event by marrying all the pieces into one seamless event using expert guidance on how to work efficiently in these final months. This phase ensures you stay ahead of tasks, helps you anticipate needs that are coming down the road, and provides you with the confidence to be sure nothing is left to the last minute.


Your hard work is finally brought to life through the perfectly packaged coordinating efforts you’ve worked on in the previous phase. It is here that you are encouraged to enjoy the fleeting moments these final weeks. Using our guidance, you will feel ready enjoy every moment of your wedding week - a week with events that will fly by all too quickly - and can confidently hand off your event to a team you fully trust. Get ready to enjoy one of the most beautiful milestones of your life. You deserve it!

Our signature step by step design approach to help couples take their vision and transform it into a reality. 

From color palette selection to floral installation identification to floor plan consideration, we cover all the important aspects of curating your dream wedding - one that truly reflects your story, your vision, and the experience you desire for your guests.

This bonus includes guidance on how to: 

1. Effectively hone in on a vision
2. Realistically create the vision
3. Efficiently communicate the vision
4. Confidently produce the vision 

The Modern Wedding Planner’s Design Blueprint 


the MWP Design blueprint

A community of engaged couples to learn from, troubleshoot with, and bounce ideas and resources off of - without all the sales pitches and reliability concerns. Our team will be pouring resources into the facebook community - in an effort to continue to serve your event planning experience. 

The Modern Wedding Planners Private Facebook Community


In an effort to fully support you as you plan your event, the Your Sweetest Day Events team of event planners, event assistants, and designers will hold bi-weekly office hours. We invite you to join us to ask all your wedding planning questions, to seek advice for your event, and to share your wedding planning wins! 

Our goal for this is to include in your access to this program what you would traditionally get from an event planner - one-on-one access to help, guidance, problem solving, and monthly assurance. 

In addition, Danielle will hold event/design based workshops once a month - covering topics that span the event planning spectrum (for example: how to create a winning timeline, where to find design inspiration, how to translate a design idea into reality, among others!) These workshops will serve to further the planning guidance provided in the program!  

Our team is so excited about this bonus!

Biweekly Office Hours & Monthly Workshops With the YSDE Team 


live office hours + workshops

the MWP private community

"How do I begin to describe what a valuable asset Danielle and the YSDE team were to our wedding? Not only did Danielle help me create a beautifully designed and incredibly thoughtful, well-executed day, but she truly became a rock for me throughout the process. She is GOOD at her job and knowing she was there to help solve any problem that arose brought a sense of peace that is difficult to explain. I think above every other decision I made while wedding planning (aside from marrying my hubby), hiring Danielle was unquestionably the best choice I made."

Casey & Rich

what's included when you join today:

together, let's build your sweetest day

The Modern Wedding Planner Program (a $2,250 Value)
You will get access to 18 months worth of step by step strategy jam packed with expert event planning guidance, tools, and support. This includes 6 phases of video teachings, resource guides, and every tool you need to support planning your dream wedding with confidence. 

Bonus #1 The Design Blueprint (a $1,597 Value)
Bonus #2 Private Modern Wedding Planner FaceBook Group (a $297 Value) 
Bonus #3 Office Hours With The Your Sweetest Day Events Planning Firm (a $2,000 Value)

The Modern Wedding Planner is available to you TODAY at the special introductory price of just... 

- Access to The Modern Wedding Planner Program 
- Private Facebook Group 
- Biweekly Office Hour Support & Monthly
- Workshops from the YSDE Team

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4 monthly payments of $99.25

monthly payments

- Access to The Modern Wedding Planner 
- An Invitation to the Exclusive The Modern
- Wedding Planner’s Design Blueprint for 50% off! 
- Private Facebook Group 
- Biweekly Office Hour Support & Monthly
- Workshops from the YSDE Team

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one payment of $397

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When you add it all up, thats a total value over $6,100! 
(that’s the value of hiring a full service event planner)

commonly asked questions


You receive access to all of the content within The Modern Wedding Planner after making a purchase. As a recap, that is 18 months worth of guided planning resources, tools, tips, tricks, and strategy immediately available to you so you can dive in and get started! 


The purchase of the program is available to you for life. We ask that you use it for your own personal use and do not share your user information or the content with others. 


You can be a member of the community for as long as you like! As long as you’ve purchased the program - you are in! 


We’d love for you to post these into the facebook group or come join us during our biweekly office hours! We plan to support you during your planning journey to the very best of our ability! And the community will be there to walk with you too! 


Absolutely!! Feel free to breeze through the first 12 months to make sure you haven’t missed anything up until this point, work on anything that you haven’t completed and then dive in at the 6 month point. 


We don’t recommend skipping over steps in the roadmap, however we understand some steps may not be applicable. We have built the program to create the most balanced, and stress free approach to your event planning and to ensure you are making decisions that naturally lead from one to the next. While we don’t recommend skipping ahead, you can certainly complete a month and then keep moving on to the next. 

What couples have asked before saying yes to this modern approach to wedding planning


Desire a comprehensive step by step modern approach to wedding planning - with all the how to's to help demystify wedding planning


Want to save time instead of spending hours researching each time you have to complete a task


Know your event planning experience and your event desire the very best 


Value a simplified step by step approach - one that keeps you ahead of schedule 


Wish you could have an event planner on your team because you value saving money, time, and stress


Are eager to avoid the uncertainty of what to do 


Are unsure of where or how to start planning your wedding 


Can’t wait to marry your best friend on the best day of your life. 

(we had to throw that one in there!) 

perfect addition to your event planning team if you...

the modern wedding planner is the

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what are you waiting for?

We are ready to have the event planning experience we know our dream wedding deserves - with a program that promises to be your event planning MVV (most valuable vendor!) 

- Access to The Modern Wedding Planner Program 
- Private Facebook Group 
- Biweekly Office Hour Support & Monthly
- Workshops from the YSDE Team

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ready to join us?

4 monthly payments of $99.25

monthly payments

- Access to The Modern Wedding Planner 
- An Invitation to the Exclusive The Modern
- Wedding Planner’s Design Blueprint for 50% off! 
- Private Facebook Group 
- Biweekly Office Hour Support & Monthly
- Workshops from the YSDE Team

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one payment of $397

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